Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Leap Day, Baby!

I was woken up Sunday morning at 3:00 with a call from my clients.  I hopped out and bed and headed to their home, where I found mom relaxing in her bean bag, being protected by her dog.  How cute is that?!  But after a couple of hours, her contractions all but disappeared, so I sent everyone back  to bed.  :)

Sunday passed by, and I met my clients at the birth center around 5:30 pm for a non-stress test.  Mom's contractions were still irregular, with a couple hours on, then an hour or so off.  Unfortunately, it's pretty typical for a first time mom to have an early labor like this.

After the non-stress test, it was determined that mom should transfer to the hospital so baby could be monitored more.  Definitely not what a mom planning an out of hospital birth wants to hear.  But moms always do what's best for their children.  Since contractions were still somewhat mild, I went home to get some rest before things became more intense.

I was called back shortly after 2:00 am and found mom relaxing in the tub.  (Sorry, no pics!)  She was so focused and was laboring beautifully.  She was 7 cm, and I thought we might have a baby by breakfast!

I was wrong.

After hours of laboring in the tub, walking the halls, and swaying on the birth ball, mom was still 7 cm at 7:30 am.  Very discouraging news!  The nurse started talking pitocin, which mom really wanted to avoid.  But after a another hour, it was clear to see that pitocin was needed, so mom agreed.  

Mom's parents arrived Sunday morning, and offered some much needed family support.  

After enduring almost an entire day of pitocin-contractions, mom asked for an epidural.  It provided much needed relief and rest.  But by 7:30 pm, labor had not progressed any further, and it was clear to see that this baby was just not going to be born vaginally.  Mom was given some time to emotionally prepare for her cesarean.  She certainly did not want a cesarean, but enough was enough, and it was time to meet this baby!  

Only dads are invited into the operating room, but he was able to poke his head out and show everyone his son.

Check out that amazing conehead.  He sure tried to fit through the pelvis, but he was just too big!

So awesome to have all 4 grandparents there.  
They waited patiently in the hall and were so excited to sneak a peak of their newest grandson!

Asa Joseph
Born Feb. 29th, 2016
8:24 pm
10 1/2 pounds!

FINALLY getting to hold her baby!

I am seriously obsessed with his mouth and cheeks!

It is hard to express how amazing this mom was.  She literally labored for days.  She was so strong and so patient.  It was wonderful to see the hospital staff treat her with respect, and allow her to labor for a long time, and try everything before resorting to a cesarean.  This removes "what-ifs" from the birthing experience, so moms and dads can go home with a sense of peace.  

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