Friday, March 3, 2017

9 Pounds of Vernix

 I received a text from my latest client yesterday around 5:30 pm.  She was feeling lots of pressure and was having sporadic contractions.  Being a few days past her due date, I figured it was show time.  I checked in with her again shortly before bed, but things were still pretty mild.  I checked my phone all night, but didn't hear anything until 7:30 am when her husband checked in with me.  Mom was in a great active labor pattern, and we decided to meet at the birth center at 9:00 am.

I jumped out of bed, opened presents with my son because today is also his birthday, and headed downtown!  I walked in to find mom leaning on her husband during contractions and slowly swaying.  (A great way to cope through contractions!)  After that contraction, she crawled into bed for the midwife to examine her.  She was already 8 centimeters and 90% effaced!  I knew things were about to get really intense, so we worked to find a comfortable position, focus, and prepare for the coming contractions.

By 9:20 mom was in the tub.  It brought some welcome relief from the intense pressure.  I knew we weren't far away as mom struggled with emotions and a few fears.  She said she couldn't do it, and that always means she is about to!

At 9:55 mom began to grunt during her contractions, and just as I was about to find a midwife, she walked right in.  :) 

At 10:07 mom told us her water had broken.

At 10:21 mom said "It's coming!"

 At 10:24 dad watched closely as the head started to crown...

And at 10:25 her baby was born! 

It's a boy!  A big boy, covered in vernix. :)  We all marveled at the awesome amount of vernix.  

Welcome Romney!
Born Friday, March 3rd, 2017
10:25 am
9 pounds
20.5 inches

Meeting his son while mom got in bed.

After a few attempts, this big boy nestled in for his first meal and nursed great!  A very different experience than her first birth.  Both parents kept mentioning how much better it was this time around.  I love when a family can have an amazing birth like this!

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