Monday, May 13, 2019

Graduation-Mother's Day-Birthday

 My latest client is a repeat client who had her first baby a little less than 2 years ago.  Her first birth was AMAZING, so I knew this birth would be great, too.  On Thursday she was checked at her appointment and was already 3 cm dilated and 90% effaced.  But she wanted her baby to stay inside for at least a few more days because she was graduating with her Bachelor of Arts Degree on Saturday!

She was able to march at graduation, but felt like she had pushed her body a little too far because the busy day brought on painful, but inconsistent contractions.  She texted me Sunday morning say she had a gut feeling that her baby would be born that night or the next day.  We kept in touch over text throughout the day.  By afternoon, she was having contractions every 10-20 minutes.  Nerves were starting to come as well, as mom remembered how difficult childbirth is!  Mom wondered if she should go in and be checked, even though her contraction pattern wasn't active yet.  

Around 6:30 pm, mom decided to head to the hospital and see if this was real labor or not.  She was checked at 7:00 pm and was 5 cm and 100% effaced, and baby was at a minus 1 station.  I arrived at 7:30 and found mom preparing to get into the tub.  She was definitely nervous and doubting her ability to do this again.  Normal emotions, but no fun.

Once in the tub, mom focused on her breathing and vocalizations.  I turned on relaxing music, and reminded her to blow her contractions away and fully relax in between.  After just a handful of relaxed contractions, mom began to tell us that she felt like something wasn't right, and that she would definitely be getting an epidural.  I encouraged her to have her cervix checked before making a decision like that.  She was talking like a woman in transition, and I wondered if her baby would be born too quickly to get an epidural anyway.  Two contractions later she started grunting and I ran in the hall to alert the nurse.

Within seconds, several nurses appeared with a wheelchair and we quickly got mom into her birthing room at 8:30 pm.  I could tell she was overwhelmed, and we had a quit chat about how it's OK to feel scared right before you give birth.  I reminded her that we were all there to help her.  At 8:40 the midwife confirmed that mom was 10 cm, baby was at plus 2 station, and it was time to have a baby.  The midwife broke her water and...

two minutes later, this little girl slipped into her daddy's hands.

It was all so fast, I think it actually took mom a few minutes to process that she had given birth! 

Baby girl nursed within 20 minutes of being born, and was so sweet holding onto her  mom's finger.

Welcome Ivy Grace!
Born Sunday, May 12th 2019
Mother's Day
10 days before her due date
Weighing 7 pounds 7 ounces

This little girl is so loved by both her parents.  She was delivered into her dad's hands, and then got to snuggle him skin to skin within the first hour of her life.

I love this photo.  It reminds me of one I took at their first birth when mom watched dad hold their baby for the first time.   So much love.

She may have doubted her ability to have a natural birth, but she totally proved herself wrong!  We are usually much stronger than we give ourselves credit for.  Within 36 hours, this amazing mama graduated college, celebrated Mother's Day, and rocked her natural birth!