Thursday, July 16, 2009

Latest Lullaby

Writing the MUSIC BIRTH class lullaby is always a highlight for me, and for my students. While some students may feel a little intimidated at first, they always rise to the occasion and have a great experience. This Tuesday my current class wrote their lullaby, and it turned out beautifully.

Welcome, little baby, we're so glad you're here.
We've waited so long, we'll hold you so near.

You bless us with joy, we'll always love you.
We'll hold you so close, may your dreams come true.

So sweet! There are many benefits to writing your baby's lullaby.
1: It promotes prenatal bonding for both mom and dad
2: It gets dad involved in the pregnancy
3: It creates oxytocin (the love hormone), and trains your body to create higher levels of oxytocin when the lullaby is used postpartum.
4: It comforts baby before and after birth
5: When used correctly, it trains baby to feel drowsy whenever he/she hears the lullaby.
6: It promotes self-soothing, so baby falls asleep on his/her own, typically leading to longer stretches of slumber.
7: As the child ages, he/she will feel special and loved by hearing his/her personal lullaby

Remember, children prefer the voices of their parents. So even if you are uncomfortable with your singing voice, your child will still love hearing it!

Friday, July 3, 2009

High-Risk Pregnancy, Natural Birth!

My birthing experience is such a success story considering that my baby was diagnosed with spina bifida. Which, apart from altering our entire life, instantly changed how I was going to give birth. I was informed by the specialist that my baby would be delivered via c-section. My second opinion gave me a "shaky" wait and see. So I had pretty much given up hope that I could deliver naturally. I didn't go to any of the classes, read any of the books or pamphlets, and I didn't even want to think about it because everything in my life was turned upside down. When we finally reached the end of my pregnancy, my doctor decided that I could deliver naturally! My baby had to have an emergency spinal repair within 24 hours of his birth, so I was determined not to add to the list of drugs put into his system.

I called my best friend/doula, and gave her the amazing news. We made plans for her to come and teach me everything I needed to know, but I decided to go into labor instead. :) Dealing with hospital workers is not calming. I do no enjoy the incessant questions, or the constant monitoring. I understand the necessity of it, but it is not enjoyable. When I finally got admitted to my room, I was so grateful to see Marie waiting for me with the most relaxing music. It instantly changed my mood. When I was about to lose it, she taught me some breathing techniques, which I truly believe saved me from giving in and screaming for drugs! If you ask my husband, he will tell you that everything went perfectly until I decided to chomp down on his arm. :) The bruise lasted for weeks. It wasn't personal, just "business".

Once my little baby was delivered, he had to be rushed away with my husband, before I could even hold him. If it weren't for Marie, I would have been left in the delivery room all alone for over an hour. I don't know what I would have done without her. So to sum it all up: Doulas Rock!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A new baby girl!

While most of you were still in bed, I received a phone call to alert me that my client's water had broken! Only about 10% of women will have their water break before they know they are in labor, and it is quite the rush (and sometimes quite the gush!) About an hour and a half later, we were all at the hospital. I found dad comforting mom with soft touch and encouraging words.

Things progressed VERY quickly. Mom was already almost 6 cm dilated when she arrived to the hospital, and an hour later she was ready to push! Short labors are intense, and hard to keep up with mentally and emotionally. Most moms with fast labors feel out of control, but this mom did a fabulous job of staying relaxed, breathing deeply, vocalizing, and staying energized (and maybe a swear word here or there). :)

Dad was a total sweetheart. He was always holding his little girl's hand, and stayed by her side whenever she was separated from her mom.

We knew she was big! Over 9 pounds! No wonder mom had to work SO hard to get her through the birth canal. Add in some shoulder dystocia, and you have some hard pushing to get through.

Here are the proud parents, less than 4 hours after the water had broken! Healthy mom, healthy baby, proud papa, no pain meds, no stitches no interventions... What a great way to start the day! Thanks so much for sharing your birth!