Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A new baby girl!

While most of you were still in bed, I received a phone call to alert me that my client's water had broken! Only about 10% of women will have their water break before they know they are in labor, and it is quite the rush (and sometimes quite the gush!) About an hour and a half later, we were all at the hospital. I found dad comforting mom with soft touch and encouraging words.

Things progressed VERY quickly. Mom was already almost 6 cm dilated when she arrived to the hospital, and an hour later she was ready to push! Short labors are intense, and hard to keep up with mentally and emotionally. Most moms with fast labors feel out of control, but this mom did a fabulous job of staying relaxed, breathing deeply, vocalizing, and staying energized (and maybe a swear word here or there). :)

Dad was a total sweetheart. He was always holding his little girl's hand, and stayed by her side whenever she was separated from her mom.

We knew she was big! Over 9 pounds! No wonder mom had to work SO hard to get her through the birth canal. Add in some shoulder dystocia, and you have some hard pushing to get through.

Here are the proud parents, less than 4 hours after the water had broken! Healthy mom, healthy baby, proud papa, no pain meds, no stitches no interventions... What a great way to start the day! Thanks so much for sharing your birth!

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