Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Circle of Life and Love

(Me with my doula, Ginger.)

No matter what role you play, birth brings people together. As a doula and childbirth educator, I am continually honored by playing a small role in this life changing event. As a mom who has used a doula at each of my own 3 births, I understand the closeness and the fondness women always feel towards their doulas. And as a doula, I know how doulas hold a special place in their heart for each and every family they have worked with. These mutual feelings create a circle that is continually feeding into itself, and often results in lasting relati0nships. I am always touched to get a surprise visit from a couple I have worked with and their new baby. I love the Christmas cards, emails, and communication on Facebook. But this year I had a new first. I was invited to my first birthday party!

Many of you know that in my MUSIC BIRTH childbirth education classes, each class writes a lullaby for their babies. It is always a highlight of the class. So for this birthday party, my husband and I decided to make a recording of the lullaby for this family. (I am SO lucky that I married a man who loves music as much as I do, and has his own recording equipment!)

So today in the mail I got a thank you note from the little birthday boy and his parents, and it totally made my day. Here is an excerpt:

"Thank you for the CD of the lullaby. It is very special to have that recording! You all hold a special place in our hearts for allowing Marie to be a part of our son's birth. Thank you!"

I really do have the best job in the world! A huge "Thank you" to all of my past clients. You have made a difference in my life. I have recently put my career on hold as I have welcomed my third child into the world, and have been focusing just on my own family. But my maternity leave is about to end, as I just got a phonecall this morning from a client in early labor. :) Off to create another circle of love from the circle of life!

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  1. Good luck during your doula birth! You are amazing. That new mama is sure lucky to have you be a part of her birth.