Monday, April 5, 2010

Billions $ vs. Breastfeeding

I am so happy to see that people outside of the "birth world" are starting to notice the benefits of natural birth and breastfeeding! I am trying not to get ahead of myself, but I am hopeful that the pendulum is starting to head back the other direction, and that our country is headed in the right direction. Just today I was reading an article about breastfeeding; and how if more women breastfed... fewer babies would die, and it would save the US billions of dollars every year.

Breastmilk is hands down the most perfect food in the world, and is totally free! It is the most amazing natural resource, always keeps up with supply and demand, and is grossly under utilized. According to today's article, the government spends billions of dollars a year on formula. I am assuming this is due to the number of women utilizing WIC services, which provides free formula to low income families. Imagine the double bonus our country would experience if fewer babies were getting sick, and the billions of dollars going towards formula could actually go towards health issues?!

I so hope that health care reform will really focus on prevention instead of treatment. We could all benefit by starting at the beginning, instead of at the end. And it all starts with pregnancy and birth. Healthy birth is the start to a healthy life.

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