Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Latest Arrival

Well, it has definitely been a while since I last posted! I took a much needed break from doula work. While there are few things I enjoy more than attending a birth, myself and my family needed to be free from me being on call. My time off is about to end, and I have several births in the next couple months. So keep checking back to read those stories!

During my "time off" (still pretty busy being a wife and mother!), my husband and I launched our new website: LULLABY OF LOVE. It has been so wonderful and exciting! We offer a site where parents can write the lyrics to their baby's lullaby. It is the only website out there (trust me, we've searched!) that gives anyone the ability to write beautiful and meaningful music. And the best part is, it's soooo easy.

First thing is choosing music. We have written, arranged, and recorded 4 beautiful songs to choose from. Choose the one you like best.

Next, write the lyrics. Tell your child what it is your heart. If writing the lyrics is too daunting, just tell us what you want the song to say and we will formulate it for you.

That's it!

Then we record and ship it to you in 2 weeks or less.

But I've saved the BEST part for last. Watch and see...

The world's most customizable birth announcement. One of a kind lullabies, written by loving parents. Is there a sweeter way to announce the birth of your little angel? (PS: Do you remember this mom? Read her birth story here.)

MUSIC BIRTH Mommies always gets discounts, too! Use the PROMO CODE: musicbirth to get 20% off any order. Use it yourself, and/or tell your friends!

For more information, watch the video below. It goes through step by step, how to create your one of kind lullaby.

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