Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Welcome, Kaylee!

I received a call at 6 pm last night from my clients, thinking that their labor was starting. Things settled down, so they called and told me it was a false alarm. So lucky me... I got a full night's sleep. Then as soon as I was showered and ready, and all my kids were ready for the day, I got the call that she really was in labor! When does that ever happen? I can't believe I got to go to a birth with a shower and full night of sleep under my belt. :)

I met up with this couple at 10:30 at the hospital. She was dilated 5 cm, and having alot of back labor. Luckily, the hip squeeze did the trick. So the dad and I switched off offering this support until she started pushing. To get through the pain she kept telling herself that the pain wasn't real, and it worked! She was totally relaxed, focused, and in control the entire time. Up until the last hour of labor, mom was all smiles and often talkative between contractions. Her attitude was so positive, and her mood so sunny. I loved it!

Mom's favorite way to labor was on the birth ball, but she also walked the halls and sat in the jacuzzi tub. Music was a constant supporter as well. At 1:25 she was dilated to a 7, and at 2:45 decided to have her water broken to speed things along. It worked. Her contractions intensified quickly, and she started pushing just an hour later.

And at 4:08 pm, Kaylee was born!

These love birds have been married for 9 months and 3 days! They are such a good team, you would think they have been married for years!

Mom and dad were both thrilled to tears to meet their little angel. It was such a beautiful moment, I couldn't help but drop a few tears myself. :)

Even though she was almost two weeks early, Kaylee weighed in at a whopping 8 pounds and almost 10 ounces.

I am afraid to jinx this, but it has been almost an entire year since I have had a client receive any type of intervention. It is just so awesome to see all these women take control of their births, and deliver naturally. I love my job!

These two were really looking forward to their first family dinner. I hope they had a great evening together. Thank you so much for sharing your birth!

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