Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rapid Transit

Almost 3 years ago I had the honor of supporting this couple with their first child.  
Their first birth was long, and discouraging at times.  I really wondered what we were all in for today!  I knew she was being induced this morning.  She was dilated 2 cm last week at her appointment, and when she arrived at the hospital this morning she was 4 cm!  So things already started out way ahead of last time.

At about 10:20, mom started to feel pain with the contractions, and at 10:55 she decided to have her water broken.  This made the contractions become much more intense very quickly.  She stayed in the bed and I massaged her feet.

Like most laboring women, this mom felt hot often.  Here her husband fans her with my fancy, dollar store fan.  :)  I use it more than any other tool!  Mom was also nauseous, and since she threw up several times with baby #1, we were prepared.  But after the peppermint essential oil filled the air, the feeling passed.  Woohoo!  

Mom was having alot of "extra-curricular" pain in her hips, back and legs. This was caused from the baby's head pressing on her low back.  To ease this, I filled up an empty rolling pin with ice water, and rubbed it up and down her back.  Double bonus, it helped keep her cool too.  The hands and knees position also helped.

Mom was checked again at 1:20 and was 5 cm.  I could tell that both mom and dad were hoping for more progress.  It was looking like maybe this birth was going to take as long as the first one afterall.  At 1:30 mom decided to get an epidural, and at 2:00 she decided to nap.

At 3:12 the nurse came in to check mom, and she was COMPLETE!  
Hello fast!
Then at 3:25, Luke Andrew rapidly entered the world!

7 pounds 4 oz
19 1/2 inches long

This cutie pie did not want to cry.  But because he came out so quickly and had heart decels during the birth, he was taken to the NICU for a short time.  

I still can't believe how quickly this little guy made his grand entrance.  What a difference from last time!  Once he came back from the NICU, he nursed like a champ.

Congratulations!  It was a wonderful birth, and I was so happy to be there.

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