Monday, May 11, 2015

Capping off a Perfect Mother's Day

My latest client was experiencing signs of labor for days.  We texted often, and it seemed like active labor was always just around the corner..  But after a few hours of regular contractions, they would always die down.  I thought for sure we'd be celebrating Mother's Day together!  But I crawled into bed Sunday evening (after a wonderful day with my own mother, mother in law, my husband and my 4 kiddos!), only to be awoken right at 1:00 am!  Active labor had finally arrived!

We all gathered at the birth center around 1:45 am, and mom was already 7 cm.  Active labor was about to bow out and make room for transition!  It was clear that even though this labor to a long time to start, it was definitely going to be a short delivery!
Things were intense.  Mom mainly labored in the tub, and dad gave her awesome support.  He was always by her side, whispering encouraging words, and even got in the tub to rub mom's back.  What an amazing team!  At 2:30 am I wrote in my notes how touched I was by his loving support.  

Shortly after 3:00 am, mom wanted to get out of the tub and lay down in the bed.  At 3:20 am her water broke, and the urge to push came quickly after that.  

This is a picture of moms foot resting on the midwife's shoulder.  I just love the type of support midwives give!  But pushing in the bed wasn't working, so we got mom onto the birthing stool, and at 3:35 am, on May 11th, Ryker made his debut!

Not only was the cord wrapped around his neck twice, it also had a true knot tied in it. 
Apparently, this is good luck!  (It was also one of the longest cords I've ever seen!)

This little guy is the lucky one, he is so loved!

8 pounds, 9 ounces of pure joy.

What a cutie, and what a perfect way to finish off Mother's Day!

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