Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Birth High

 My latest clients were expecting baby number 3.  During our prenatal appointment I asked them about their previous births.  To sum it up in one word: Loooong.  So when I was called to meet them around 10:00 pm I figured we would watch the sunrise together.

They beat me to the birth center, and I found mom laboring in the tub and dad rubbing her back during contractions.  I could tell right away they were going to be an amazing team.  I could also tell that this was NOT going to be a long birth.  The midwife informed me that mom was already 5 cm, 100% effaced, and that baby was fully engaged in the pelvis.  

As things intensified quickly, mom changed positions often, not really loving any of them.  :)  
She dealt with a bit of anxiety, and sought out reassurance from all of us there. 
The vote was unanimous that this mom was doing great!

I couldn't help but LOVE her tattoo stating "Life".  
How beautifully appropriate for tonight!

Around 12:40 am the urge to push hit.  Mom kept asking how much longer she needed to push.  If only I ever knew the answer to that question!

Dad and midwife both reached in the tub to help welcome this little girl.

Look at those adorable cheeks!  
I love seeing how calm water-birth babies are.

Welcome Vagda Sage
Born Sunday, Sept 27th at 1:12 am
Weighting 8 pounds 3 oz

Proud daddy.

I just LOVE when I see a woman so happy and vibrant after giving birth.  Many women refer to this as the after-birth high.  Mom's brain is full of endorphins and oxytocin, making her feel euphoric and instinctively maternal.  It's such an amazing thing to witness.  

We certainly didn't watch the sun come up together.  :)

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