Friday, January 8, 2016

Well, That was Quick!

I received a call around 6:20 this morning alerting me that contractions had started.  Such a great way to start the day!  I got in the shower, got kids ready for school, and waited to hear more.  We touched base around 11:00 and mom's contractions had slowed down.  Pretty normal for the early phase of labor, but things picked up again shortly after that and we met at the birth center shortly after 1:30.

I walked in to find mom on her hands and knees and dad providing counter pressure.  Contractions were lasting about a minute, and were coming every 6 minutes or so.  I could tell mom was in that gray area between early labor and active labor.  We reviewed some relaxation and breathing techniques, but ultimately decided for everyone to head home around 3:00 as a vaginal exam showed mom to be dilated to almost 3 cm.

I got my next call at 6:30 pm.  This time it was dad (which means things are too serious for mom to call, so that's a good sign!).  He told me they were heading to the birth center to get checked out and that he would call me with an update.  At 7:00 I hadn't heard anything yet, so I decided to just head over and see how things were going.  I could hear moaning as soon as I got inside, and by the time I was up the stairs I could hear a baby crying!

I walked in just in time to start snapping pictures of the happy occasion!  Apparently this mama almost had her baby walking up the stairs to get to her birthing suite!

Born at 7:31 pm, Jan. 8th, 2016

Big sister arrived about an hour later.  I loved watching her warm up to the baby.  It only took about a minute.  Watch how her face changes as you scroll through the pictures.  :)  

This is my favorite.  Just look at that smile!

She likes the baby, but she loves her mama!

These parents were so on the ball!  Big sister had a teddy bear for baby brother, and baby brother had a Buzz Lightyear for big sister.  

Even daddy got some skin-to skin.  

I certainly didn't feel very helpful tonight, but I am so happy that this mama gets to sleep with her baby tonight instead of labor all night!  

As for me, I'm off call for 4 whole weeks!  I'll be wrapping up the final edits of my book and writing other birth related blog posts here.

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