Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Birth Unhindered

Every birth is so different.  Some need assistance all along the way- some need help here and there- and others occur safely without any help or interference.  No birth is "better" than the other.  Like life, birth is somewhat unpredictable.  And just as all lives are sacred and beautiful, all births are, too.

This morning I was able to witness the most hands-off birth I've ever seen, and it definitely brought tears to my eyes.  I received a call at 8:00 am, and I could instantly tell from the sound of my client's voice that she was well into her labor.  My lazy, summer morning turned into a mad dash to get to the birth in time.  

We all arrived at the birth center around 9:00.  Mom was breathing through her contractions, listening to her playlists (which were awesome!), and spent some time leaning over the bed.  I offered encouragement, massage and counter-pressure.  

Like most women, this mama found her solace in the tub.  

She wanted to experience birth the way women used to- before birth was industrialized; so she invited several of her closest female friends to attend.  

All of these women also attended my Music Birth class, and they brought their A games.  They provided hand and neck massage, and they also brought with them a sense of peace for the laboring mom.  I could visibly see mom's relaxation and focus improve once her support circle arrived.

The urge to push came quickly and mom informed us that she felt like the baby's head was coming out!  Without any assistance from the midwife, this mama delivered her baby all by herself.  And it was breathtaking!

Born Wednesday August, 17th, 2016
10:02 am
9 pounds 2 ounces

Water birth is so peaceful.  This baby doesn't even know it has been born yet.  

Looking to see what gender the baby is.  This is mom's "It's a boy!" face.  :)

I love seeing dad's reactions!

This baby was surrounded with love and adoration.  

Big hands for a newborn!

Here's big sister getting to check out her little brother.  What a cute face!

An amazing birth for a wonderful family.  Congratulations!


  1. Beautiful and amazing! Thanks you for sharing this, Marie

  2. How beautiful, I can feel the love. Congratulations Heather!

  3. How beautiful, I can feel the love. Congratulations Heather!