Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Поздравляем с прибавлением!

If you're confused about the title of this blog, it's because you don't speak Russian.  :)  But my latest client does, and listening to her speak Russian to her new baby this afternoon totally melted my heart! It all started last night around 9 pm when her induction began with some cytotec.  Hitting her 40 week mark and having some concerns with her blood, she jointly decided with her obstetrician to be induced.

I went to bed early just in case she needed support during the night.  Her husband called me around 3:45 to check in and let me know they were about to start pitocin.  Mom was somewhere between 1 and 2 centimeters.  After an hour of pitocin, they were ready for support.  I arrived at 5:30 am and found mom laboring on her hands and knees.  She was very relaxed, the room was dark, and everything was going well.

I wasn't there long before the intensity started to really pick up.  Mom was checked again at 6:45 am and was already 6 cm!  Amazing progress for a first time mom having an induction!  Along with the intensity came some vomiting (because labor isn't hard enough!).  Her back was hurting so I got out the ice roller.  (Just a plastic rolling pin filled with ice water.  It feels amazing when mom's back hurts.)

Mom started having some bloody show around 8:30.  A normal sign of progress, but since mom had some worries about bleeding, the pitocin was turned off for a short period of time.  Her contractions slowed down a bit and she was able to rest a little more in between.  But then she was frustrated to only progress to 7 cm.  But once the pitocin was turned back on, the labor picked up again.  Shortly after 9:00 am, mom asked for the nitrous.  She labored well for several hours, changing positions and stretching her back.  Her labor pattern was indicative of baby being posterior, so we did our best to encourage rotation.  She continued to throw up, but was so amazing and focused in spite of it all.

Mom was checked at noon and was 8 cm.  Not what she wanted to hear, but we could all tell she was almost there.  By 12:20 she was starting to feel pressure, and by 12:35 she was 9 1/2 cm with a low baby.  The doctor arrived at 12:45 and pushing began shortly there after. 

After some difficulties with shoulder dystocia, this little girl slipped into the world at 1:22 pm.

Welcome Anna Bella
Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

The cord was too short to get baby very high up on her mom, but skin to skin and delayed cord clamping were both facilitated on mom's tummy instead of her chest.  (So awesome to see this in the hospital!)

Such a pretty baby girl!  Her skin was so beautiful and her apgars were nearly perfect at 8 and 9.  

First family picture!

Even dad got a few minutes to snuggle.  :)

This might be the smoothest induction I've ever attended.  An amazing birth and a wonderful family!

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