Saturday, April 29, 2017

Home Birth, Baby!

I started hearing from my client in the late morning as she took her older son on a walk around the block.  She was having contractions, but they were short and mild.  Being 6 days past her due date, we were definitely hoping it was early labor.  As the day progressed her contractions continued, but remained short- between 30 and 40 seconds.

Things intensified in the late afternoon, and I arrived at their home around 4:30 pm.  But then contractions spaced out again, so mom decided to take a nap and I headed home.  I was called back at 7:30 and arrived shortly before 8:00 pm.  When I arrived, I found mom and dad in the birth tub, listening to music and breathing through contractions.  Dad also provided some awesome counter pressure through each contraction.  With this being their 3rd baby, they were pros!  A great team that quickly found their rhythm together. 

 Their bedroom was decorated with birth affirmation cards and art work from their older children.   

When I first arrived, mom was still pretty perky and chatty in between contractions, but when the contractions came, I could tell things were intense.  At 8:30 there was a distinct change in her behavior as she stopped talking in between her contractions.  Several minutes later she told me she was "feeling weary" and needed encouragement.  From the outside, she didn't look like she was struggling at all.  But I know that all women start to feel this way as transition approaches, so I knew things were progressing very quickly.  

At 9:00 her water broke.  I went into the living room to inform the midwife.  I told the midwife I felt like things were changing quickly and this baby was coming soon.  And at 9:05 mom started feeling pressure. 

And at 9:07, her baby was born into the hands of her daddy!  The midwife barely had enough time to pull her gloves on and assist. 

Mom broke out into beautiful praise/prayer, thanking God that her baby had been born safely.

Welcome Adeline Grace!
Born at home on Friday, April 28th, 9:07 pm 
8 pounds 4.5 ounces

Adeline was so calm and alert.  She barely made any noise, but pinked up immediately.  Her skin was so soft and perfect.  She was just soaking in the world.

Mom got dried off and settled into bed, and at 9:57 Adeline latched right on and began vigorously nursing!  It caught mom a little off guard, but this baby knew what she wanted.  :)

I can't think of a better way to end my week.  What an amazing birth!

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