Saturday, August 26, 2017

Homebirth VBAC

I heard from my client at 7:50 Friday evening, saying she was having mild contractions about every 10 minutes.  We both figured it would be a while, but by 9:00 pm she was having contractions every 5 to 6 minutes, and I was on my way to meet her in her home for her planned homebirth. 

I arrived at 9:45 and was in awe at how beautiful her birthing room had been set up.  The glow of Christmas lights, birth affirmations, Hawaiian music, and a doting partner made for the perfect combination of beauty and support.

The room wasn't the only beautiful thing.  At 10:30 pm dad said "Babe, you look so pretty right now."  She really was stunning, and was coping beautifully.  After spending some time sitting, mom decided she was ready to move a bit, so we set out for a late night walk around the block at 10:45.  It was a warm, summer night with stars and crickets, and unfortunately, vomiting.  (If you ever wake up with vomit in front of your side walk, a laboring mom just might have walked by!)

The water enticed mom when we got home, but she was too warm to get in.  So she spent some time sitting on the birth ball and leaning on the tub for support.  I rubbed her back and squeezed her hips.  She breathed deeply and vocalized.  Her mom checked in on her and set out snacks and coffee.  Contractions continued to intensify and at 12:50 she was ready for water.

The water brought back mom's smile and enhanced how much she enjoyed listening to her music.  Both she and dad began to sing along.  The midwives arrived shortly before 1:00, and things quickly intensified again.  By 1:20 mom was needing to focus much more and announced "you're not funny anymore" to her partner.  This is an emotional sign post of transition, and is a good sign of things progressing!

After some more vocalizing and vomiting, mom asked the midwife to check her cervix at 1:45, and she was 8 cm and baby was very low. At 2:15 her water broke and the urge to push began to build.  She pushed in a couple different positions in the tub, and at 2:35 am the midwife suggested getting out and pushing on the birth stool.

The position change was just what mom needed, and at 2:47 am on her due date of Saturday, August 26th, her baby boy was born!

Tears of joy came instantly as this sweet couple welcomed their baby.  After a cesarean several years ago, and homebirth VBAC was a dream come true.

The dark pictures don't do any justice to this cute, little boy.  He had so much dark hair, too!

By 3:15, baby was nursing perfectly and mom was overcome with emotions.  

It was a wonderful experience to support this couple as they achieved the birth they longed for!

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