Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Are You in Labor?

 My latest client was surprised to find herself at 41 weeks since her first baby came right before her due date.  She opted to have her membranes stripped at her midwife appointment yesterday, and was surprised again to discover she was already dilated 4 cm and 50% effaced!  I checked in with her at bedtime, and not much was happening, so we both went to bed.  

She woke up around 4:00 am with some cramping, and by dawn she was in a consistent, early labor pattern.  We kept in touch over text all morning, and met at the birth center at 1:15 pm.  Mom asked to be checked, and she was 7-8 cm, and 80% effaced!  But the weird thing was, she wasn't acting like she was in labor!  Not even breathing heavily through her contractions.  Most of the time, I couldn't even tell if she was having a contraction or not!  But she kept reassuring us, saying she was having them, lol!

Mom was getting lots of snuggles from her firstborn, until grandma came to take over.  Snuggling is a great way to get those labor hormones going!

To help mom focus and get into her "labor brain", I had her read some birth affirmations, and pick a few that she wanted to focus on throughout her birth.

 Around 3:00 pm, mom started telling me how she had enjoyed reading my book, and we discussed some of the perspectives she appreciated while reading it.  Of course, it was fun to talk (especially about my book, ha!), but I kept wondering when things were going to get intense for this mama!  After another cervical check, the midwife recommended doing some lunges to help the baby get into a better position.  I rubbed her back during contractions, but for the most part, mom was acting like she wasn't in labor!

Mom was ready to get into the tub at 4:00.  She was still really chatty, and honestly, we were having a great afternoon talking.  But I could feel in my bones that change was on the horizon, so I suggested 15 minutes of silence to help mom get into the zone.  We made it to 4:20, when her husband starting snoring and we started giggling.  :)  

At 4:40 her sister-in-law arrived, and so did the intensity!
Mom kept saying things like "this is not pleasant", and "I am not enjoying this".
I offered encouragement, cool clothes, and fanning to help keep mom reassured and as comfortable as possible.

At 4:53 mom started feeling the urge to push.  She didn't push for long, but she had to push hard!

 And at 4:59 pm, her second daughter was born!

Welcome Lily!
Born Wednesday, January 17th, at 4:59 pm
Weighing in at 8 pounds, 9 ounces
8 days after her due date

Dad got to cut the cord and sneak in a few snuggles. 

 By 5:35, this sweet family was tucked into bed, and baby was nursing like a pro!

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