Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Tough Mama

I received a text from my client last night at 10:30 pm saying her water had broken.  I was surprised to hear from her a week before her due date, and I never know what to think when the water breaks before labor starts!  Sometimes things go quickly, and sometimes it can take up to a day or two before labor really gets going.  So we texted a bit and then I went to bed, not knowing what the night would bring.  

Like any doula, I slept lightly and checked me phone throughout the night.  It rang at 5:3o am and I arrived at the hospital at 6:30 am.  Little did I know, my client was checked at 6:05 and was already 7 cm, and at 6:25 she was complete!!

Of course I had no idea how far along things were when I arrived, so I was pretty alarmed to hear mom pushing as I walked in the door!   Her husband was reminding her to breath deeply.  I did the hip-squeeze during contractions and tried to keep her cool with a cool cloth in between contractions. 

This mama was so tough!  Not only did she have a natural birth, but she did it with a severe knee injury that will require surgery!  I couldn't believe she was on her hands and knees the entire time.  She was all, "I'm just toughing it out"!  
Her toughness paid off when her baby slipped into the world less than an hour after I arrived!  

Welcome Ashlynn!
Born Tuesday, August. 14th at 7:17 am

Holding daddy's hand for the first time.

By 8:00 am, this new mama and baby were snuggling and nursing.  :)

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