Monday, February 18, 2019

23 Minutes

 I got home from my last birth at 5:45 am on Saturday.  At 8:38 I received a text from my next client saying she was having contractions.  Selfishly, I was soooo tired and relieved when she told me that afternoon that things had died down.  Sunday morning was the same thing.  Contractions every 10-15 minutes with nothing by late afternoon.  So when I heard from her again this morning saying that she was contracting again, I didn't really know what to think!  

She texted me this afternoon at 2:30 saying her contractions were every 7-10 minutes, and at 3:30 her husband called to say they were every 3 minutes!  So we all rushed to the birth center!

I arrived right at 4:00 and found mom laboring on the bathroom counter with her husband applying counter-pressure.  He left to take care of logistics and get her playlist going, so I took over with counter-pressure.  She did a couple contractions on the toilet and I could tell things were intensifying very quickly.  

Mom made it to the tub at 4:17 and Maroon Five set the mood.  She started vocalizing and grunting, and I knew she was close.  I reminded her to slow her breathing down in between contractions.

Dad hopped in to offer more support and it was go time!  I encouraged mom to focus her breath and vocalizations down to her baby.

And 23 minutes after I arrived, this little sweetie slipped into the world!  Check out her cute little baby bum, all covered in vernix!

Mom was thrilled and exclaimed "I did it!".  She then started singing to her baby.

Welcome Lexi!
Born Monday February 18th, 2019
Weighing 7 pounds 9 ounces

The room was filled with love songs.  Can't Help Falling in Love With You and At Last .  The perfect soundtrack for a mom who had to wait 10 days after her due date to finally go into labor!

Within 20 minutes the placenta was delivered and baby was nursing perfectly.  This mom earned her stripes with her first birth being long and difficult.  So the second time around, she really deserved a quick, day-time birth with no stitches!  It couldn't have gone better (or faster!) and I am so happy for them.

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