Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"It's a Cute One!"

Since my last two clients both delivered past their due dates, I assumed that my third would as well.  I was so confident, I went ahead and let my kids plan a water party in our backyard today!  But this mom went into labor pre-due date, and I headed out to my 3rd birth in 8 days!  

I received a text at 8 am that real contractions had started, but that they were coping well and not needing support yet.  Things changed quickly.  An hour later they called to say they were heading to the birth center, and I joined them shortly after 10 am.  

I found mom laboring on the birth ball, leaning into her husband during contractions.  I could tell things were definitely intense; but they were a great team, and managing things beautifully.  Dad was so supportive, and never left mom's side.  He sweetly held her face during contractions, and said things like "Thank you for birthing our babies".  I was touched by the love I felt between the two of them.  What a lucky baby to be born to this awesome couple.  

Mom labored in the bed after about an hour on the birth ball.  I could tell she was progressing quickly, so I was surprised at 1:30 when she was checked.  The midwife said she was 6 cm, and stretched to 8 during contractions.  I thought for sure she was complete.  Her bag of waters was still intact, and the midwife said it felt very strong and tough.

So weren't we surprised when it broke in a huge gush just a few minutes later!  Instantly mom felt the urge to push.  And at 1:49, Phoebe was born.

Tipping the scale at a healthy 8 pounds, 14 ounces!

She was quite blue when she was born, and had a lot of fluid to work out of her lungs.  But she was a trooper.  She slowly pinked up, and was nursing about 90 minutes after she was born.  

Dad is just as crazy about this little baby as he is about his wife!
He was even able to catch this little angel.

Big sister was soooo excited to meet her little sister.  Upon first glance, she excitedly exclaimed 
"It's a cute one!"

Grandma was able to come in several minutes before the birth, and share in the magical moment.

This little girl was so alert and ready to meet her family.  

It wasn't the water party I was planning on, but I sure came home covered in amniotic fluid, lol!

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