Friday, September 13, 2013

The Long and Short of It....

My latest client had a loooooong first birth.  She labored over the course of several days (yes days), pushed for about 3 hours, and ended up with a cesarean.  Her child was posterior (positioned incorrectly) which makes labor longer, and can ultimately make a vaginal birth unsuccessful (especially in first time moms).  The experience was difficult and disappointing.  I hoped so much that she would be able to have a VBAC.  The days have ticked on and on, and mom was approaching 42 weeks, and had to schedule an induction.  This was not at all what she wanted, but I was still optimistic that things would go well.  Especially because an ultrasound had shown that her baby was in optimal positioning for a vaginal birth. 

The night before the schedule induction she called me at 7 pm with my heads up call.  Considering how long her first labor was, I thought I still had time to do an evening walk.  Shortly before 7:30, her husband called and asked me to come to their house.  So I RAN home, put the baby to bed, and jumped in the car.  During my drive, he called again and told me to meet them at the hospital!

I arrived at 8 pm, and found mom laboring in the tub.  She was already 7 cm!  

Things were moving so much quicker than I had expected (which is wonderful!).  Mom was vocalizing through her contractions, dad was there to hold her hands and offer encouragement, and I provided music and massage.  Mom listened to her instincts the entire time.  Shortly before 9:00 pm I sensed a change in mom's vocalizations.  It sounded almost like she was pushing, so I encouraged her to be checked and she was already complete!  

Then mom hit a wall.  Pushing felt scary, and her previous birth made her worry that this baby wouldn't fit through the birth canal.  It is a common fear for a VBAC.  We talked it through, and mom began really pushing.  It was amazing to see her reach inside and find that inner strength and faith in herself.  

Shortly after the shoulders slipped into the world, the OB instructed mom to reach down and lift her baby onto her chest.  It was such a beautiful moment, and I was thrilled that this woman got to experience such a wonderful birth.  

Born Thursday, September 12th, 2013
10:39 pm
8 pounds 7 oz

The smile says it all.  This birth was so much shorter than her last one, and couldn't have gone any better.

Right away, this little man knew who his mama was, and loved snuggling.

Living proof that sometimes it really does take 42 weeks for mom and baby to be ready.

Dad joined in on the skin-to-skin contact, which I loved!  It's so awesome to see so many dads out there really wanting to be a part of the birth and a great father.

Couldn't be happier for this couple!

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