Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Baby?

My most recent client sure has the gift of patience!  After going well past her due date, they set an induction date for Halloween.  But during her appointment on Tuesday, the 29th, they decided that an induction was needed that very day.  So at 12:45 pm, cervidil was administered to soften the cervix and get contractions going.

Contractions began around 3:00 pm, but mom could handle them just fine, and didn't even call me to her until midnight.  I arrived shortly before 1:00 am on Wednesday morning.  At 3:00 am, mom was checked and was only 2 cm dilated, even though her contractions were very intense and close together.

It could only mean one thing:  a posterior baby.

From 10 years experience, there are two things that can make a birth very difficult.  Getting induced, and having a posterior baby.  Having both is just plain awful.  But mom was a champ, and spent the next 12 hours trying everything I suggested.  She walked the halls, squatted, used the birth ball, got in the jacuzzi, the works!

At 8:30 am, she was only dilated to a 3, so she went ahead and had her doctor break her water in the hopes of stirring up her hormones.  She also used her breastpump to stimulate hormones.  I'm not kidding when I say we tried everything.

Dad was a great support.  He guided her breathing, and always knew just what to say.  I just love seeing a couple work so well together!

Around noon mom was exhausted.  She had now been in labor for 24 hours and was beyond needing a break.  She opted for an epidural.  Such a hard decision!  But it proved to be the right decision when she was still only dilated to 4 cm at 4:45 pm.  Her cervix just wasn't changing fast enough, so pitocin was administered to hopefully the strengthen the contractions.

Mom and dad were both able to nap quite a bit during the afternoon and early evening.  With all the needed interventions, I was starting to stress that pretty soon we would be talking cesarean.  But then, at 8:30, much to our pleasant surprise, mom was complete!  

Mom was an awesome pusher!  She had great control.  But as with alot of first time moms, pushing was slow going.  We all wondered if this would still end up being an Halloween baby.  

But at 10:58 pm, little Finley slid into the world.  
Covered in meconium and with a VERY impressive conehead.  :)

Since there was so much meconium, Finley was taken over the nurse's station to be suctioned before being placed on her mother's chest.  Here she is holding her daddy's hand.

They were so happy to be close again.

First family picture!

Look at those long arms!  

What falling in love looks like...

And even though she came TWO full weeks AFTER her due date, she only tipped the scale at 7 pounds and almost one ounce.  Some babes just need more time.  

I was so happy with how this birth ended!  Not a single stitch needed.  That alone kind of makes up for everything else this mama had to go through.  :)

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