Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Home Birth

I was so excited when this couple hired me to be their doula at their home birth!  I hardly ever attend a birth outside of the hospital.  But when I get to, it is always a wonderful and peaceful experience.  I had a feeling this mom would go quickly, too, since her first birth went well.  

I received a text at 3:20 am saying that her water had broken.  I got myself up early so I could be ready to leave any time.  Well this mom is a tough cookie, and made it almost 12 hours before calling me in for support!  I arrived shortly before 4 pm, and mom was clearly making her way into transition.  She labored in front of her bedroom window (It was a beautiful fall day, and the fresh air was perfect!), and leaned over during her contractions.  

Around 4:20 the intensity was even stronger, and mom said she was starting to feel the urge to push.  I was VERY relieved when the midwives arrived several minutes later!  Mom continued to labor until about 5 pm, when we moved her to the bed and she began pushing.  I sat behind her on the bed and wrapped my arms underneath hers to support a deep squat.  

And at 5:12, this little cutie slipped into the world.  
Caught by daddy and placed on mom's chest.

Both parents were pleasantly surprised at how quickly things went.  Big sister was busy at Grandma's house making a birthday cake, and they were excited to have a family birthday party tonight.  

Such a cute little guy!  


  1. Thank you Marie for helping us and attending the birth of our son. It was such a blessed day, a day I'll remember for the rest of my life.

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