Monday, January 5, 2015


After laboring for 3 days with her first child, this mom was really hoping for a quicker labor this time around!  She texted me last night around 8:30 saying she was having contractions.  I quickly jumped into bed assuming I would spend at least a portion of the night with her.  I was pretty surprised when I woke up at EIGHT AM!  I frantically checked my phone for messages, but there weren't any.  We touched base around 9:00 am, and contractions were picking up again.  At 11:00 she headed to the Midwife's office, and was 6 cm!  

I joined them around 12:30 at the hospital.  Mom was coping beautifully, and dad was offering physical and emotional support.  They were both in good spirits, and we were all excited to see where the day would take us.  

We walked the halls quite a bit at first.  Mom liked looking out the windows at the beautiful, snowy day.  She also needed someone to hold her hand during each contraction.  This was her most used ritual.  Around 4:30, things began to intensify, and we started utilizing more coping mechanisms.  Mom used the jacuzzi several times, we listened to music, did deep breathing, and massage.  

By 6;00 pm I was pretty sure that mom was in transition.  At 6:30 she was checked, and was 9 cm!  Nerves began to kick in a bit, which is pretty common, and is almost always a sure sign that birth is imminent.  

Mom continued to remain calm during contractions, even though they were lasting much longer and were very intense.  She asked for nitrous oxide, but someone else was using it!  The nitrous finally arrived about 20 minutes before the baby did!  

Pushing was very intense, as it often is.  Mom pushed for about 20 to 25 minutes.  
And at 8:13 pm, on January 5th, 2015, this sweet, little boy slipped into the world.

This baby was born "en caul", meaning he was delivered entirely inside the amniotic sac.  I was pretty excited to not only witness this, (it only happens in 1 out of every 80,000 births!) but was happy to snap a quick picture of it, too!

Cutting the cord.  That thing was thick!

These two were such a great team.  What an honor to support them.

Telling Grandma about the birth!  And already nursing like a champ.

I couldn't resist taking a quick photo of the beautiful night as I walked to my car.  Full moon, winter fog, and Christmas lights.  :)  Happy New Year!

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