Thursday, March 19, 2015

Freshly Baked!

Did you know that a woman is really not "over due" until she is 42 weeks pregnant?!  Most people assume 40 weeks is an EXPIRATION date, but science tells us that some babies will need to the full 42 weeks.  HOWEVER, waiting that long can be difficult.  And for women choosing to have their babies at a freestanding birth center, they know that making it past 42 weeks means transferring to the hospital for an induction.  So I was pretty excited to get the call yesterday that my client, at 41 1/2 weeks, was in labor!

I arrived at their home shortly before 7 pm.  Mom was coping extremely well with her contractions, and dad was busy supporting her and whipping up some fresh bread.  The house smelled AMAZING, and we enjoyed chatting and contracting all evening.  :)

By 10 pm, we had made it to the birth center, and mom eagerly entered the tub.  
This is what it looks like to be in the zone!
We listened to so much great music!

Mom spent the next 6 1/2 hours laboring in the tub.  
She was unbelievable.  
So focused.  So relaxed.  So inspiring.  
Her contractions were unceasing for hours, but progress was a little slow.  She listened to her body, and was so instinctual.  

Pushing was definitely tiring, and lasted for quite some time.  That big boy had to really squeeze through!  But he finally slipped into his mother's arms at 4:43 am, March 19th, 2015.

Seriously, look at that face!
Totally worth it.

Grandma was able to quickly sneak in and see her first grandbaby!  
It was such a beautiful moment to see her watch her son become a father.

This little guy is so loved.  

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