Sunday, December 27, 2015

Record Setter

My latest clients are always setting records.  With their first pregnancy, they hired me when they were just 8 weeks pregnant.  That's the earliest I've ever been hired!  Their second child was the heaviest baby I've ever seen be born, tipping the scale at almost exactly 10 pounds!  And their birth last night marks the first time I've supported someone 3 times!  

I received a call at 9:30 pm that contractions were getting consistent and they were heading to the hospital to get things checked out.  At 10:45 mom was checked and dilated to a good 4 cm, and was sent to walk the halls to see if she progressed.  If she did, she would be admitted.  I joined them around 11:00 pm and found them like this...

These two are such a great team, and I wasn't surprised at all to find them working together so well.  And don't worry, dad isn't texting!  He's holding up music for his wife to listen to.  :)

Shortly after midnight, mom was checked again and was dilated to 5 cm, so we moved into the labor room.  Can you believe Santa still had the energy to do some cleaning before heading back to the North Pole?!  So cute.  

I'm usually pretty good at guessing where my clients are in their labor progress, but this particular mom never acts like she is in active labor until right before she starts pushing.  So we chatted quite a bit in between contractions and enjoyed the night.  At 3:30 mom was checked again and dilated to an 8!  I could hardly believe it by how well she was coping.  Soon after that she asked for the ice roller on her back, so I knew from her past births that that meant things were getting intense and baby would soon arrive.  By 4:10 she was complete.

Mom pushed on her hands and knees, leaning on the birth ball on top of the bed.  The urge to push was mild until 4:28 when her water broke with a huge gush.  Instantly her pushing changed, and within 3 minutes she had delivered her baby.

Nathan Charles
Born Sunday Dec. 27th, 2015
4:31 am
9 pounds 5 ounces

Not quite as heavy as big sister was, but I think he still holds his own!

I love how I got almost this exact same shot after their first birth!  

So squishy and adorable!  

It has been such an honor to support this sweet family through the births of all 3 of their beautiful children.  I love what I do so much, and I love seeing Music Birth work for my clients.

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