Wednesday, May 11, 2016


My latest client wanted a do over.  After being induced with her first baby and suffering from a severe spinal headache (from her epidural), she wanted to experience a birth that wouldn't prevent her from being able to care for her newborn.  So this time around she opted for a home birth.  

At 41 1/2 weeks, it felt like labor would never begin!  After trying several things to get things started, and discovering she was dilated to 5 cm already, she decided to have her water broken at 5 pm yesterday.  Contractions began immediately, and I was called over within minutes.  

I found dad offering words of encouragement and counter pressure.  He was an awesome doula the entire time!  Mom labored instinctively.  Her labor progressed quickly, which can feel overwhelming, but she did great!  Emotions and contractions tend to grow in intensity together.

Her firstborn came in to offer some kisses, and I could see how much it meant to mom.  It helped her relax, and  once she had connected with her toddler she was able to surrender more to her labor.  It was a beautiful thing to witness.

Mom also had her puppies standing guard, and jumping into her arms to offer love and support.  They spent the rest of the birth on my lap!  Dogs always love the doula, lol!

Mom could tell things were getting close, and pushing only lasted a handful of minutes.
At 7:23 pm, Clementine slipped into her father's hands.

A perfect do-over!  
Congratulations to this sweet family!

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