Thursday, April 21, 2016

Down, Baby Down

Who wouldn't want to grow up in this backyard?!  I loved meeting my clients in their home last night, and supporting their labor in the beautiful, Boise evening!  I kept thinking about how next year when the blossoms are out, they will be teaching their little one to walk, and lifting him up to touch the soft petals on their gorgeous tree.  

This mom was one of those amazing women who could focus through a super- intense contraction, then go back to smiling and chatting the second it was over.  We really enjoyed the evening, chatting and contracting.  :)

(How cute is this dress?)

I couldn't resist snapping this shot of her cute dog protecting her during her contractions.  

Around 9 pm, we decided it was time to head to the birth center.  Contractions were much more intense and lasting at least a minute.  After being examined by the midwife, we got the good news that mom was about 6 cm, 100% effaced, and baby was engaged in the pelvis.  Great progress for a first time mom!

Shortly after 10 pm, mom got in the tub and it made her so giddy!  It was a very welcome relief.  

Pressure started to build around 11:30 pm, and I couldn't believe how quickly things were progressing.  It seemed like she was right on the brink of pushing her baby out.  But she stayed at the brink for hours, never quite getting a strong enough urge to push.  

She coached herself through her contractions, and talked to her baby.  She encouraged her baby to "come down", and told herself "pain is ok, I can do this".  She was doing everything right.  

We listened to SO much great music!  It really helped mom stay focused and positive, and I always love hearing the playlists my clients come up with.  Such a fun, unique way to get to know them.  

The midwife checked mom again around 2:20 and discovered that mom had a cervical lip that was making pushing difficult.  They jointly decided to break the water and see if that would finish things off.  Mom started noticing that she was "getting close", and pushing contractions were coming now.  But by 4:15, mom was tired and discouraged to still be pushing, and dad was stressed, too. (So hard to see the woman you love enduring so much!) 

Mom was pushing her hardest, but baby was posterior and was having a difficult time descending through the birth canal.  The midwife suggested new positions every few contractions.  Mom kept saying that was all she had to give, but then she would give more.  Always rising to the occasion.  Heart tones were low and it was time to get this baby out.  With a lot of effort on mom's part and some intervention from the midwife, this baby finally arrived!

Welcome Sullivan!
Born Thursday, April 21st, 2016
4:51 am
8 pounds, 6 ounces

It's amazing how resilient babies are.  
I think it is easy to forget how strong women and their infants are, but they truly are made to do this!

So much joy.
So much relief.

Despite how stressful the final moments of pushing were, baby boy cried and pinked up instantly.  It was like he wasn't under any stress at all!  He initiated breastfeeding and mom went right back to being her perky self.  Amazing. 

What a night.  What strength.  What endurance.  What love.

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